Sean Light PRT, RSCC, LMT

Walking around the brand-new weight-room it hits me. This is the pros.

Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, Arizona is the Spring Training home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and I somehow managed to find myself with a contract to be one of their Strength & Conditioning Coaches.

Scottsdale is hot. Like, really hot. I’ve seen it over 120 degrees on multiple occasions. As a long-time sufferer of migraine headaches, this needed to be accounted for on a daily basis. Lots of water, food and shade were priorities for me. And when all else fails, Excedrin Migraine was a must-have in my backpack.

In my first week, all else failed. As the new guy in town, I didn’t want to be going to the water fountains too much or eating all the time. I wanted to make a good impression with my new colleagues.

When the headache started setting in, I snuck away to grab a few Excedrin pills to get me through the day but on this day, the bottle was empty, and I was in trouble.

My headaches often led to me needing to be in a cool, dark room alone, quivering in pain and vomiting from the pinpoint pain directly behind my eyes.

I walked into the training room and asked if they had anything for migraines.

The response was a bit odd, “Migraine? Yea we have Andrew.”

“Andrew, what the hell do you mean,” I responded.

Andrew was the name of our medical coordinator and he motioned that he would come in and help me in a few minutes.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, he came into the weight room and performed some weird voodoo type stuff on my face, hips, neck etc. I had no idea what he was doing, just hopeful that somehow this wasn’t some cruel practical joke.

And after a few minutes, he asked me to stand up and see how my head felt.

Headache, GONE. Life, CHANGED.

As you can imagine, with such a checkered history of migraines, this was a HUGE deal for me.

“Is there any way you can explain to me what you just did to me?” I begged.

After a few moments of fumbling through his words he said, “No, it’s just too complicated.”

From that moment on, I only had one choice. I had to cannonball into the deep end of this science pool and figure out what had just happened.

This path led me directly to Lincoln, Nebraska where I spent years learning from the Postural Restoration Institute and all of their amazing sciences.

It led me to Massage Therapy School where I became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

And it took me to the pinnacle of my industry as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

For years I cared for the greatest athletes on our planet. Applying the very same science that changed my life back in that scorching hot, Arizona weight-room. But I always knew there was one more step to take and here, a vision for 4A Health was born.

I knew this had to be brought to the world. Too many people are suffering tremendous amounts of pain when they don’t need to and now there is finally a place to turn.

In the heart of Downtown New York City, 4A Health stands tall as Manhattan’s leading Postural Restoration Center.

My mission is to help YOU stand tall!

I look forward to seeing you on our journey!


Postural Restoration Certifications
  • Postural Restoration Trained (PRT)

  • Myokinematic Restoration

  • Postural Respiration

  • Pelvic Restoration

  • Vision Integration

  • Impingement & Instability

  • Cervical Revolution

  • Advanced Integration

  • Vision Integration for the Baseball Athlete

  • PRI Integration for the Baseball Athlete

Other Qualifications
  • Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach (RSCC)

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

  • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach

  • Performance Exercise Specialist (NASM)

  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

  • Functional Movement Systems Level 2 (FMS) 

  • National Association of Speed & Explosion

  • Certified Speed & Agility Coach


115 Broadway

New York, NY 10006


Tel: 732-236-8655

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