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Online classes taught by world leaders in Sport Performance.

Sean in The News

$17/month (Billed Annually)




membership includes...


New Course every month

Teaching you the latest exercise science from the industry's best.

Take Your learning on the road

All of our material can be downloaded so the classroom can go wherever you go.

24/7 Discussion board

Exclusive access to our virtual  discussion board where you can connect and learn with your peers around the world.

Your questions your answers

Get 1-on-1 access with Sean for all of your questions and individualized answers.


A Journalism Degree and a dream...

In 2010 Sean Light left Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor's Degree in Print Journalism in hand and nothing but a dream in his heart. He set out to be a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the highest level of athletics. His first job in the Minor Leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks showed him the way. He spent hundreds of hours pouring through research and books trying to get as smart as he could. He picked up certification after certification, even becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. With the right combination of hard work and networking, Sean landed a job as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. Currently, as the founder and CEO of 4A Health, Sean wants to teach everyone the science that made him a Strength Coach in the NBA.

"To look at what everyone else has looked at and see what no one else has seen."

Around the world, HUNDREDS of Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers have used the 4A methods to make a BIG difference. Fitness and Healthcare professionals have all found what they are seeking through the magic of the 4A Education, taught by Sean Light.

Club Members learn things they didn't realize they needed to learn but quickly wonder how they ever trained without. We learn in a safe, collaborative environment where you can learn amongst your peers and 4A Staff in our private discussion board.

The 4A Health Club is all about you! It's about giving you every opportunity to be a HUGE success. The concepts taught in this program are proven and tested at the highest levels of fitness and will help you stand out amongst the best trainers in the world.

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